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The Sohma House

The Sohma House- RPG
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Welcome to The Sohma House, a roleplaying journal based around the characters of Fruits Basket, which boosts the opportunity for aspiring writers to hone their skills; and for people to just have downright fun depicting a character. You may or may not wish to create a new journal for your character, it is completely up to you; but having an icon of your character helps a lot with confusion. This shall be entirely AU (Alternate Universe) with it's own plotlines, but also closely affiliated with events in the manga. To apply for a character simply email the moderater (da_spider) in this format:

*Character's Name
*Why you wish to play the chosen character
*A short scene, or vignette, involving your character. The setting, situation etc. are entirely up to you to manifest. Applications will be judged on correct use of grammar, and creativity. Please read the rules before you apply so you can comply to them
*Anything else you may wish to add

1)This is a PG-rated community and there are ickle,young people about and we don't want to scar them with our overactive, dirty minds so please refrain from swearing, or penning scenes alluding to sex. And also nothing graphic people, just write what you would find at a normal PG-rated movie.

2)Only write for your character, not other roleplayer's characters.
Wrong: Shigure was sitting at the table. He saw Yuki and waved to him. Yuki waved back, then came over to start a conversation.

Right: Shigure was sitting at one of the round tables, sipping lemonade. He saw Yuki and waved to him, hoping that the young boy would strike up a conversation with him.

3)Don't type lyk dis. It's excruciatingly annoying and shows us all extent of your command over the English language.

4)You must have a livejournal account or you can't roleplay. It's as simple as that.

So apply and have fun! :) Any queries or questions can be emailed and directed to da_spider

Characters Taken:
Shigure Sohma-da_spider
Hatori Sohma- kageillusionz
Momiji Sohma-innocenteen
Tohru Honda-totchi_stuff
Kisa Sohma-princess_kisa
Ayame Sohma-ayame_the_snake
Kyo Sohma-ino_
Yuki Sohma-shadowhikaru

Characters available
Akito Sohma
Hatsuharu Sohma
Kagura Sohma
Hiro Sohma
Rin Sohma
Ritsu Sohma