kageillusionz (kageillusionz) wrote in the_sohma_house,

The ever so handsome doctor enters the scene

Sammie slides into her computer chair, spinning around to feel the soft plushyness against her behind. Clicking onto the main page, a message popped up.

The Sohma House would like to invite you.

Do you accept this invitation?

Yes | No

Moving her optical mouse, the left click sealed the deal. Sammie was to become the newest member of the Sohma House. Grinning slightly, the young school girl noticed that Hatori - the handsomest doctor of the Sohma Family - had not been taken. So henceforth, Sammie was known to become the stoic yet hot doctor - Hatori Sohma.

In short...
Name: Sammie
Character: Hatori
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