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Akito Sohma

I apologize for not obeying the rules. But the moderator's e-mail was not available on her userinfo. And so, I'm posting it here. I'm sorry. I didn't know what else to do. And since it's really long, I put it in a cut.

*Character: Akito Sohma*

*Why?: I feel I have a grip on his persona, can manipulate it to situations without falling completely out of character. I've also created a sort of soft, more gentle, child-like side to him, other than the one normally seen in the anime and manga.*


There was a frail form laying on the porch of the Sohma Honke. The black blotch of hair contrasted the blinding whiteness of the skin. The fallen angel wore a soft blue kimono with navy blue swirls on it. It was falling off of his shoulders, exposing the yukata underneath, and beneath that, the delicate skin. There was no sound except for the soft twitter and flutter of the birds that lighted around him and on his still form. A living doll, a breathing statue, an angel in hell, a demon on earth, sin incarnate. In one simple word, cursed. There was a soft thunk as the figure rolled from its side onto it back, the jutted shoulderblades hitting the wood.

"How I despise that word..." Came the soft, gentle voice that rings in one's ears and remains, hauntingly. A sick smirk spread over those white, thin lips. "Oh... but how it fits me..." He chuckled softly and sat up. In one massive movement, all the birds around him scattered in a flurrish of white and color alike. Pulling his knees to his chest, he sighed heavily, his cheek resting on his kneecap.

There were people outside the door of his room, walking around inside, paying no heed to the pain so very close to them. It made him quiver with a rising anger. But that feeling quickly faded. And it left him silent, his mind falling on all the things he'd been told for the last 19 years of his pitiful exitance.

"Death is a privilege, Akito, not a right. You have the honored privilege to die for your beloved family."

"You will be proud of your role you little monster. Be honored that you suffer for this family!"

"Your medicine, Akito."

"Only a devil could possibly love you, you selfish, useless monster!"

"The Juunishi are yours and yours alone, Akito. You are their God. Remember that when you feel lonely."

"Your honorable life will mean fortune and well-being to the Clan, Akito. You have an obligation to secure the future of the Sohma Family."

"My child! He's my child! My freakish child... my DAMNED CHILD!"

"Stop! Stop it Akito! His eye! Akito!!"

"He's so sick. It's a pity really, but he'll be sick that way for the rest of his life... How sad."

"You can't go out like this, Akito! You're angry. You hurt people when you're angry."

"My only regret was to give birth to a monster like him!"

"Please Akito, stop struggling! You're only going to hurt yourself!"

"He's my freakish son!"






"Hello there... my name is-"

"Goodbye Akito."

His small shoulders shook as he buried his face further into his knees. Small, silent sobs racked his body. For a moment, his eternal fortess came crashing down and he dug his nails into his own skin. He bit his lip as he uncurled himself. Small red cresents remained in his skin. There was a soft knock.

"Akito-sama... someone's here to see you..." He didn't reply, only nodded once. The door was shut and only a moment later reopened. Instantly, he was stone again as he turned to look at the person. It was like looking in a mirror. And the reflection... was terrified of him. How quaint.


*Other things: Sorry that was long. I play Akito as male even though in the manga, that fact is altered.*

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