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Kyou's first post :D

It had been just one of those mornings where everything was going wrong- terribly wrong. Kyou had woken up late because his alarm clock had decided not to go off. Nice. Real nice. When he had finally found himself rolling out of bed he had already missed most of the morning. Good thing it wasn't a school day or he would be terribly late- not like he really cared - but he didn't want to hear that damn Rat go on and on about how bad it would look on him if he acted out. Damn Rat, why did he have to think about that guy so early in the morning- it almost ruined his appitite. He picked himself up off the ground and trotted lazly in to the kitchen where he opened the fridge only to twitch.

"...Where's my milk?" He screamed at the fridge as he glared. Slamming the door with much force he stomped over to the cabinits looking for something to take his mind off the missing milk. Openning it- all he could find ...were LEEKS. He paniced and openned some more- LEEKS...LEEKS EVERYWHERE!!

"WWWWHHATT IS UP WITH ALL THE DAMN LEEKS?!!? They are the WORSE possible things that could BE in this house!!?" Growling and slamming as many doors as he could he began to yell through the house for that damn dog.

"Shigure!! Where's Tohru! And why is there NOTHING in this damn house besides LEEKS!! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!" He bellowed as he openned the door to Shigure's writing room glareing inwardly before huffing with a very angry look. He wasn't haveing a good day...

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