Kisa (princess_kisa) wrote in the_sohma_house,

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School was out for Kisa, and she started walking to Uncle Shigure's house. With her she held a cartoon video to her chest, a small pleasant smile crossing her face. "I want to go watch cartoons with Sissy!" she thought, excitedly. Kisa perked up a bit at that thought. She missed Sissy.

As Kisa approached the house, she stopped a moment to cover her mouth with her sleeve, stifling a few small coughs. Maybe she was catching the flu as well? It was not too noticeable..yet.

Kisa then continued walking, halting at the doorway to see that Uncle Hatori was there too, carrying armloads of...stuff? She was not sure..but she was positive that she saw Jelly buns!
The little Tiger child smiled a little and shyly waved to Uncle Hatori, not making a sound.
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