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To the rescue?

Hatori had finished his round for that day, visiting most of the sick patients within the Sohma family. It was utterly outrageous and to top it off he was certain that some cousin or another would be phoning him in the next few seconds proclaiming that some family member has come down with the flu or some other life threatening disease. Not to mention his supply of medicine was rapidly diminishing... a trip to the local chemist was in store for him.

Turning the car sharply to the right, he parked outside the local pharmacy that knew him all too well from the numerous trips he had these past weeks. The automatic doors opened, welcoming Hatori into the store that lay within. Picking up the usual red basket signifying that it indeed belonged to the pharmacy, the hand basket didn't take too long to fill up and Hatori made the long arduous journey to the cash registers.

Paying the blushing cashier - god knows why she was giggling and waving madly - he loaded the bags quickly into the boot of the car. His eyes flitting to the bakery across the road, a thought crossed his mind. Momiji was at Shigure's house. A little fiasco was happening there as there was some sort of Jelly Bun Shortage which had caused his cousin's so much pain and grief... or so he heard from some sick patient or another. News sure does travel fast. Muttering slightly to himself, the doctor walked into the bakery and a few minutes later, remerged with a bagful of Jelly buns.

Driving to Shigure's house, he was certain to find Kyo and Yuki fighting again, and poor Tohru trying to stop them fighting. Most probably Shigure would be crying over some novel he was writing. And Momiji... well Momiji was Momiji and when it came to him, everything was quite unpredictable... although other times the Rabbit could be VERY predictable. Parking his car, he made the short walk to Shigure's front door and rang the bell, hoping some form of life would answer the door. Of course, Hatori wouldn't be surprised if the door was unlocked... Knowing Shigure... he thought quietly.
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