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Oh the shame!

He parted her lips, his ravenous tongue pillaging the caverns of her mouth; exploring every intricate crevice, every lucrative curve. And so their tongues dueled, a lasvicious battle of lust and hunger brewing between the two. A game of ardous powerplay that could only be resolved in the bedroom….

Shigure paused in midsentence, stroking his chin thoughtfully. Balancing his pen between the index finger and the other digit he so often used to communicate to Kyo, with he contemplated his draft, knowing only too well that if a certain Yuki or Kyo got their hands on his manuscript he would be kissing the floor before one could yell, “JELLYBUN SHORTAGE!”

Ah, the things one would do in the name of literature!

Smiling secretly to himself, he penned the end of his passage with relish, pausing to hold up the pages to the light admiring his wit and talent. I am just soooo good he thought to himself, visions of book launches and signings springing forth in front of his eyes. Lost in his reverie he imagined swarms of high school girls clambering around him, throwing stilettos at each other just so that they could catch a glimpse of the master himself- Shigure Sohma.

“We love you Shigure!!!” they would simper, crowding around him, their eyes glazing over and he would, being the gentleman that he was; wink roguishly, drape his arms around the shoulders of two lucky girls and invite them over for a cup of ocha- amongst other things.

Snapping out his flight of fancy, he sat back down again leafing through his work. Coughing slightly he noticed a dull pulsating at the base of his neck glands; and reaching up he felt his forehead with the back of his hand.

“Oh woe is me!” rang out the distressed voice of Shigure Sohma, as he hunched over onto his desk and transformed in a blubbering mess- living up to his title of resident drama queen. Heck, the guy even gave Ayame a run for his money and that was saying something.

Poor Shigure.

He had been denied his jellybuns.

He was coming down with the flu.

And there were still 25 chapters to write…
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