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Hair of the dog that bit you...

Shigure-san's first postie! :)

Disaster struck quickly, with brute and incorrigible force. Nothing could stop the shockwaves of terrible repercussions that would soon pulsate all around- leaving nothing in its path unblemished; upending the entire world. No man, woman, child, machine or animal was safe from it, their inevitable doom sealed by a gargantuan stamp which seemed to almost smirk with victorious zeal. Children would remember the vestiges of this fateful date, spouting tales about what really happened; each rendition becoming more absurd than the last, moving further and further away from the truth. People would gossip for years to come, in taverns and bars across the country relating the scandalous incident in hushed whispers to an unknowing tourist; or rehashing it for the sake of a juicy unsolved mystery to those willing to lend an ear. Yes, the unthinkable had occurred; an event that would go down tangibly in history to be forever etched in tomes that would soon gather dust in a matter of a few centuries.

The Sohma household was experiencing a severe jelly-bun shortage...

“No! Somebody help!” Shigure hollered, dramatically flinging open kitchen cupboard after cupboard in the hope of finding his most prized delicacies. Rummaging through their contents he only unearthed leeks, leeks and some more leeks; and after fifteen fruitless minutes of searching he finally decided that all hope was lost. Raking his clammy hand through his ebony hair he desperately looked around, flailing his arms about in a frenzied manner. If he didn’t find those jelly-buns soon, god only knew what would happen. His muse, his inspiration, his life would be flung out the window- with his pride hurtling straight after it to join it’s counterparts. He, Shigure Sohma would be nothing, imagination and creativity would no longer flow eloquently out of his pen; and the entire literate world would be robbed of the chance to read his exquisite prose, his unparalleled way with words. And he would rock backwards and forwards on his haunches every night clutching at unforgiving straws, crying himself to sleep because the world had forgotten him. These very thoughts confounded his mind as he ran through the house, airing his grievances to those few who had not already stuffed their ears with cotton wool.

Shigure Sohma was a natural drama queen to put it lightly- he normally reacted to his morning ritual of brushing his teeth as a rabid fangirl would to stealing a glimpse of her coveted heartthrob- a drama queen who incidentally happened to be the canine member of the zodiac. An odd combination

After a good deal of sobbing on a certain dog’s part Shigure retired to his study, sank down heavily in his chair and held his head in his hands. “How will I ever survive?” he pondered half to himself and half to the cruel world in which he lived him that denied him jelly-buns. Straightening up he hastily wiped at his eyes, pumped himself up with positive affirmations reasoning to go out and buy a batch in the afternoon; and propped his glasses upon the bridge of his nose. Taking a deep breath he poised his pen above the blank, spotless piece of paper that lay before him and hoped beyond hope that his artistry would gush out of the nib as never before. If not he’d find some way to amuse himself until he got his hands on his beloved jelly-buns.

After all there was entertainment everywhere-if you delved deep enough.

(OOC- Totally open ended post. Anyone can reply *grins*)
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